Welcome to
The Foundations of Yoga:
A Jesus-Centered Approach

An absolute beginners video series teaching you the foundations of yoga with Jesus at the center

This video series is designed to help you learn the basics of yoga and discover a deeper connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I created this series because I talked to so many people who were afraid to try yoga because they worried they weren’t flexible or enough or they were concerned about spiritual influences that might conflict with their faith.

But I believe anyone can do yoga and God is big enough and good enough to meet us when we step onto our mats with a desire to worship and connect with him.

Inside the series:

14 videos and over 3 hours of content – here's a glimpse of what you'll find inside:


Mountain Pose | Chair Pose | Warrior One & Warrior Two | Downward Dog | Plank to Low Plank | Upward Dog / Cobra


15 Min: Rejoice in Small Beginnings | 30 Min: Heart of Generosity | 45 Min: Extravagant Love | 60 Min: The Deep Places


Introduction | 10 Min Practice

Featured in these videos are a range of participants – some are brand new to yoga and others have been practicing for years; some can touch their toes and some can touch their knees; some use a lot of props to help them move with more ease and some don't. You won't see "perfect yoga" in this video series (as if such a thing existed), but you'll see people who are learning how to move with mindfulness and connect with God as they do. You'll see us sweat and stumble and smile and surrender. Real yoga for real life. 

Practicing with these videos will leave you feeling encouraged in your body + heart + soul and empowered to deepen your own yoga practice and faith. 

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Caroline and I'll be your guide throughout the Foundations of Yoga video series. I am a 300-hr certified yoga instructor based in New York City. 


I fell in love with yoga over 10 years ago. I was drawn to yoga's physical and emotional benefits that could be gained without having to fork out for a fancy gym membership and lots of equipment. I grew up in nondenominational churches and heard the warnings about yoga, but when I took my first class I was deeply moved by the strong connection I felt with God. In my experience, God is big enough and kind enough to meet us on our yoga mats in transformative ways when we come seeking his presence. 

In October 2015 I launched a YouTube channel featuring yoga videos with Jesus at the center. With a library of now over 50 Jesus-centered yoga practices, these videos have been viewed over 200,000 times in 182 countries. 

Seeing a lack of accessible resources for people interested in starting yoga but uncertain about the spiritual dimensions or their ability to follow along with the movement, I launched a Kickstarter campaign in June 2017 to create this Foundations of Yoga: A Jesus-Centered Approach video series. The campaign was wildly successful, raising $10,632 to create this series and help break down barriers for people who want to learn the basics of yoga with Jesus at the center.

Practice with my latest video, read my blog about yoga + Christianity, and find out when and where you can take a class with me on my website, carolinewilliamsyoga.com

Meet some of the people featured in the series



"I had never been to a yoga class before, and I hate to workout, but there is something in Caroline’s teaching method that extends so much grace. As someone who has struggled with body issues from a young age, I found that Caroline’s method helped me be kinder and more accepting of my body."



"As a creative individual who is constantly inspired by the
life of Jesus Christ, I love finding new ways to explore His love & let it change me from the inside out. I have no prior experience with yoga but I do love being active by riding my bike every day. Foundations of Yoga with Caroline provided an incredible opportunity to push myself in new ways, while refocusing on what is most important, Jesus! This simple but challenging class creates an atmosphere where overcoming is the main objective & while a few extra seconds in a tricky stretch might seem small, every position becomes preparation for the bigger obstacles we face in life."



"I am a yoga teacher, lifestyle blogger, Athleta ambassador, and master of social work student based in the New York metro area. I have been practicing yoga for more than eight years, and can truly say that Caroline's class stuck out. Her teaching style is gentle, yet firm, and beautifully builds upon Christian principles. Thankful for Caroline and in being a part of the filming process!" 




"I'm a communications specialist in Atlanta by day and enjoy barre and traveling in my free time. I've done barre and other low-impact studio classes for two years and recently began practicing yoga. My favorite part of doing this video series with Caroline was the integration of the Word of God into the practice and the training on each pose. Since filming the series, I've seen great improvement in my yoga practice!"